Composing (lat.: com-ponere, putting together) means to me the moving sounds, patterns and conditions into a new context. The authoring of scores in the form of plans, concepts for performances or klang installations will happen mostly coincidentally – or sometimes even after the realisation.


I can get excited again and again by any musical genre, instrument or performance requirement. Therby I love to ingraft composed structures and used material to the intended area of its appearance in a most economical way. I’m most interested in depicting and ennobeling sounding biotopes outside the concert halls. Therefore I like working on environmental music and the  soundtrack of movies.


My main work focus lies here on a micro musical invasion in the given acoustical environment on location. An important aspect of my activity consists of the detection of the strongest, but as well most silent qualities in a given system, and its further development towards a deaccelerated state.


Exemplary works of the last years:

  • Electroacoustic Environments with Leslie Speakers and Jutta
  • Solaris 040 for Grand Piano, Electronics and Video-Screening
  • Trilogy with Piano Pieces for skilled players
  • Commissioned work for a swiss innovation: Syntharp
  • Classical environmental music sculpture named Klangtor
  • Series Pedaludes for the concert-harp
  • The environment Ambient Night enchants a little church
  • Super-8 Jubilee, the editing a silent movie from an film archive
  • In the environmental concert Jour par Jour, a swiss landhouse is transformed competely into a musical instrument.
  • Performance Thunder Talk for mixing desk and piano

(Fotos: Andrej Netzker)