My favorite way to work at the piano uses the fading out of chords. If you press later the right pedal to stop the dampers, the played notes will sustain for minutes while diving into the sound-ocean of the other strings. Any pause during the performance allows a perfect perception of this tremendous sound-space. By playing the piano I want to share with the listener this special experience on the deepness of time and silence. The main emphasis lies on a mixture of free improvisation as well as excerpts of own and other compositions.


Behind this lies an extensive knowledge of musical theory, many years of experience as a Jazz- and Rock-Pianist, and since decades an ongoing intense debate in performing free music – as well as invaluable formative meetings with the pianists A. Tirzits, Prof. G. Schwartz, W. Grunelius or R. Sakamoto. Based on my body-orientated playing method, I give myself attendance to younger or experienced piano players for a part of their path. I love to play of Duos with percussionists and also very much to be a guest on keys in ensemble and orchestra.


Please find here selected excamples of actual performances:

(Fotos: Andrej Netzker)