28. Januar 2019
Sonic Sleep Over

Einige Echoes mit dem rauschenden Leslie zum CTM-Vospiel von Jutta Ravenna im ACUD-Studio und Special Performance von Chino Shuichi.















Foto: Suzanne Feldman


20. Dezember 2018
Errant Sound

Elektronische Musik mit Jutta Ravenna an den Leslie-Lautsprechern.


„Overhead the albatross
Hangs motionless upon the air
And deep beneath the rolling waves
In labyrinths of coral caves

An echo of a distant time..“









Sounds & Lyrics: Pink Floyd

Foto: Vanilla


8. August 2018
Lost in Pankow

Review mit Jutta Ravenna auf der Suche nach dem ewigen Klang.



„La culture ne sauve rien ni personne, elle ne justifie pas. Mais c’est un produit d’homme: il s’y projette, s’y reconnaît, seul ce mirroir critique lui offre son image.“ In etwa: Kultur kann nichts und niemanden retten, sie rechtfertigt auch nicht. Und doch ist sie ein Produkt des Menschen: darin projiziert er sich, erkennt er sich wieder, und nur dieser kritische Spiegel offenbart ihm sein ganzes Bild.


Jean-Paul Sartre: Les Mots, Paris 1964



VideoSnap: Angela Christlieb


16. Mai 2011
Composing (lat.: com-ponere, putting together) means to me the moving sounds, patterns and conditions into a new context. The authoring of scores in the form of plans, concepts for performances or klang installations will happen mostly coincidentally – or sometimes even after the realisation.


I can get excited again and again by any musical genre, instrument or performance requirement. Therby I love to ingraft composed structures and used material to the intended area of its appearance in a most economical way. I’m most interested in depicting and ennobeling sounding biotopes outside the concert halls. Therefore I like working on environmental music and the  soundtrack of movies.


My main work focus lies here on a micro musical invasion in the given acoustical environment on location. An important aspect of my activity consists of the detection of the strongest, but as well most silent qualities in a given system, and its further development towards a deaccelerated state.


Exemplary works of the last years:

  • Electroacoustic Environments with Leslie Speakers and Jutta
  • Solaris 040 for Grand Piano, Electronics and Video-Screening
  • Trilogy with Piano Pieces for skilled players
  • Commissioned work for a swiss innovation: Syntharp
  • Classical environmental music sculpture named Klangtor
  • Series Pedaludes for the concert-harp
  • The environment Ambient Night enchants a little church
  • Super-8 Jubilee, the editing a silent movie from an film archive
  • In the environmental concert Jour par Jour, a swiss landhouse is transformed competely into a musical instrument.
  • Performance Thunder Talk for mixing desk and piano

(Fotos: Andrej Netzker)