5. April 1963

A. Person

Made in Zurich 1962, born in Bern 1963

Swiss Piano builder and tuner degree 1986

Berlin HdK/UdK Eurythmics DME diploma 1997

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(Edited in Arkosund 2007, revised in Wingst 2018)


B. Personal Note

In my younger days I deemed the documentation of any kind of individual artistic work unnecessary. This also included any connection to the press and other mass media. Central to that idea at the time was that art is to develop, to happen and disappear all at the same time/in an instant/all at once/simultaneously and that any form of material documentation will corrupt the work from the outset. I would even consciously destroy my own record of performances, documents and events.

Today I work in different times and spaces and have begun to gather the remnants of my musical production over the past 45 years as I am required to have a biography. Many of my actions and productions are probably permanently lost. They were written into the fire as it were, and as I used to love to describe the mantra of my denial/renunciation. The list that follows is therefore to be seen as a fragment at best.

This is the time and place to say thank you to those who kept their records of these years; took pictures, produced records and wrote articles in newspapers. At the same time I am asking for an understanding of my previous views and to consider the idea that guys like me may have been inspired by the radical destructive work processes of people like John Cage, Joseph Beuys and other such rock’n’roll swindlers.


C. Publications & Press (leftovers)

2012 Piano Sheet Music 13/5 Studies

2012 Berlin Music Pedal Harp Preludes Release

2011 SUISA Syntharp Music Instrument Award

2011 Nordkurier Klangtor-Environment Woldzegarten

2010 UdK Berlin Klangtor-Sheet CCC Brochure

2009 IBB Berlin Klangtor Business-Plan (3MB pdf)

1997-2005 Berlin Musicology PhD-Project (Link-List)


1988  M O V I N G   T O   B E R L I N  (Germany)


1986/87 Bern Ambient & Environmental Music

1987 Zytglogge Zytig: AA& MM Ambiente Presentation

1985 Schallplatte Andreas Flückiger und die Alpinisten

1984 Musikmärchen Oropax mit Hunger & Trunk


D. Installation and Research Activities

2012 London Bloc.2012 Festival Stubnitz Compilation

2011 Berlin 3rd Ambient Night Alt Buckow

2010-11 Switzerland Syntharp (Research Phase)

2009 Berlin Gallery Pop-up 195 Brueckner (Klangtor)

2008 Berlin Salon Salon Gras Fressen (Klangtor)

2006 Berlin Ustwoskaja Remix Environment in Elisabethen

1997-2005 Berlin PhD Musicology Research on Technology & Dance

1996 Potsdam Environmental Music & Bad Noise Performance

1993-95 ‚Kranensehn‚, ‚Handscape‘, Go!, etc. Video Clips (upcoming)

1992 Berlin Auto Ballet Car Video Performance (media upcoming)


1988  M O V I N G   T O   B E R L I N  (Germany)


1988-89 Berlin MuziekMoebel Sounding Objects

1988 Berlin Gallery ‚Chaos Constructions‘ Environment (lost)

1987 WIM Berne Performances with Margrit Rieben & friends (lost)

1987 Villa Schlösslistr Environment bei Simon Ho (Steinmusik)

1987 Kunsthalle Installation zu Screening „Hilfsengel“ (lost)

1987 Villa Sandrain Bern 2nd Ambient Night Berne

1987 Bern Rosegarden Environmental Music

1986 Aekenmatt/CH 1st Ambient Night

1985 Berne Chocolat Tobler Ambient


E. Performances and Band Projects (Selection)

2012 Berne Ambient-Performance Didg&Synth with Willi Grimm

2012 Berlin Piper&Maria Oscar Wilde Performance with Coost L. Cake

2011 Rostock MS Stubnitz Piano Battle with Balanya & Agro

2011 Die 3  Pianisten with Katharina Weber & JosepMaria Balanya

2011 Berlin Alt Buckow Church-Organ & Pedal Harp

2010 Berlin with Charles Piper at Centrifuga

2010 Space Jazz with Piper & Washeim at Schillerpalais

2009 Berlin on the Rhodes at RAW and all the punky friends

2009 Bern/Zug/Lucerne Oxymoron Orchestra on Guest Keyboards

2009 Berlin Alltogethernow with OLPC-Children „100$“ Computer

2008 Berlin Solo Piano for some Silent Movie and Party events

2007 La Corbiere, Switzerland Hunger & Trunk Environmental

2007 Amsterdam Shows on MS Stubnitz solo at the 10-Tone Piano

2007 Berlin with Holotropic Trance Punks and GutH on the Rhodes

1996-2006 no music performances, silence in hands and mind


1988  M O V I N G   T O   B E R L I N  (Germany)


1988-1996 Focus on „classical“ music, dance, composing and Studies

1988 Berne „Free“ music with artists like the drummer Maru Rieben

1987 Alpinisten Crisis, quitting the project, Impro Music at the WIM

1986 Alpinisten with Mich Gerber and Endo Anaconda (upcoming)

1985 Hunger & Trunk transforms into Alpinisten (some media here)

1984 Hunger & Trunk Shows with several guests, Singers & Artists

1983 Balts Nill & MM quit Caduta Massi and become Hunger & Trunk

1978-1983 Composer, Keyboarder Initiator and sometimes just Guest in several Bands like ‚Frog‘, ‚Kanaan‘, ‚Gymer Jam‘, ‚Lola By Night‘, ‚Danny’s Drive-in‘, ‚Caduta Massi‘, ‚Albanello, ‚B Goes‘ (upcoming)